Wooden Serving & Cutting Board - Medium


by Hampson Woods (UK)

Wooden Serving & Cutting Board - Medium


by Hampson Woods (UK)

Description & Details

Made from sustainably sourced wood, the board is designed for functionality, durability and natural elegance. It is delicate to the touch and comfortable to handle. The rich, deep shades of the British elms gives each piece its unique colour and look. It is ideal for serving meats and cheeses or simply for cutting your favourite vegetables. Jonty Hampson and his team patiently make each piece by hand and in small batches at their studio, set in an old stone barn in the British countryside, surrounded by woodland.

Composition & Colour

100% Ash Wood


44cm (length) x 20cm (width) x 1,7cm (height)


It's fine to wash your board with soap and water. But avoid dishwashers and, most importantly, never soak it! For more advice, download this short overview prepared for you by Jonty and his team.

Ideas for use

Chop up whatever your heart desires or use it as a serving platter, in Paris we love using it for cheese and cold cuts.

How it is made

  • Sourcing the Wood

    Jonty sources the wood from a merchant selected based on his traditional and sustainable approach as well as from arborists in and around London who specialise in clearing the fallen giants of the city.

  • Defining the Shape

    Each raw wooden board that enters the workshop is assessed for knots, cracks and other natural blemishes to pick up a certain special figure or shade or curve in the grain to include in the board.

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    Cutting the Wood

    Jonty first marks out each board and other items made from the wood to minimise waste. He then carefully cuts out each board and puts wholes in the head of each piece.

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    Shaping the Wood

    Each piece is shaped with a beltsander and it is at this point it will start to come to life, as its form develops. This step in the process requires particular patience and attention in order to do justice to the beauty that lies within the finished piece – making every one different.

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    Finish Sanding

    Before the final step of the process, the board is sanded through many different grits of sandpaper, requiring the right amount of pressure until it is smooth and comfortable to hold.

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    After a careful look over, Jonty stamps the board and applies a wood balm made of natural oils and waxes to nourish the internal fibres and to bring the piece to life. New shades and subtle pleasing variations in colour appear bringing out in each piece its unique pattern.

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