A random occasion and a piece of paper with a handwritten recipe led Crete-born Manos to his first attempts of making soap. His degree in Political Science and History and law studies were put aside soon after to chase his new dream of creating the most high qualitative soaps from his grandfather’s olives and Crete’s herbs, honey and other natural ingredients. It took Manos over three years until he perfected the procedure. He read about soap making, the olive trees, herbs and other precious nature ingredients and how to blend them, while testing and experimenting with the ingredients in his ecological workshop. By 2013, he had produced the most pure and qualitative soap thanks to the natural ingredients and the cold press process, which preserves the ingredient’s healing properties.


With environmental awareness and a deep-rooted respect for tradition, Manos and his family cultivate his grandfather’s olive groves near the Palace of Knossos in Heraklion, Crete. Manos only uses raw materials available on the island, such as pomegranate, prickly pear, organic red wine and honey. Helleo is inscribed in a wish for a more natural and qualitative lifestyle, creating pure and natural products. The soaps are a representation of the appreciation and respect for the precious Cretan nature.

How it is made


The Greek Island of Crete

Helleo originates in the island of Crete, centre of the ancient Minoan civilisation. Olive trees have been considered sacred here for over thousands of years and some of the world’s finest organic extra virgin olive oil is produced on the island.


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