Handcrafted Leather Key Ring Necklace "Clochette"

How it is made

  • Jacques’ Atelier in Paris

    In the heart of one of Paris’ oldest neighbourhoods, le Marais, the atelier from Jacques hides in the courtyard of a former monastery from the 14th century. Jacques works in the atelier since 2003. His Franco-Japanese girlfriend recently created a little outside garden for him.

  • Selecting the leather

    Jacques sources his leather from French and Italian tanneries that specialise in vegetable tanned leather. Before he starts working on an object, he carefully chooses the leather, striving to take the most beautiful part whilst at the same time creating as little unused leftovers as possible.

  • Combining the leathers

    To make the Clochette more playful and to achieve a more interesting leather combination, Jacques combines two different leathers. For the outside he selected a naturally tanned leather and for the inside a granular textured leather.

  • Embossing the leather

    To mark the collaboration, Jacques embosses the Savadi Maison logo into the leather lining. For that, he uses an ambos, which is a specialised machine that allows compressing the leather with a stamp.

  • Pairing the leather

    To harmonise the edges where the two sides of the Clochette meet, Jacques reduces their thickness. For this, he carefully cuts the leather by hand.

  • Smoothing and polishing the edges

    All around the edges of the Clochette, a leather beveller is used to round the edges before colouring them in soft-brown with the help of a small sponge. Any top-range leather product requires such a finish so as to create a resistant, polished coating that can withstand signs of use and pleases the eye.

  • Uniting the edges and spawning the leather

    With several precise strokes of the hammer, Jacques connects the two sides of the Clochette. He then spawns the edges by the use of a diamond chisel to prepare for sewing.

  • p-slide1.jpg

    Hand sewing the leather

    With the help of beeswax, Jacques permeates the linen thread so as to avoid that it frays. Afterwards, he sews the leather by hand with a special needle and sewing clamp.

  • p-slide1.jpg

    Final touches

    To finish the Clochette, Jacques binds a bow out of a leather cord with the help of a linen thread treated with beeswax.

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