Hand-crafted Lamp in Black Italian Leather

How it is made

  • Jacques’ Atelier in Paris

    In the heart of one of Paris’ oldest neighbourhoods, le Marais, the atelier from Jacques hides in the courtyard of a former monastery from the 14th century. Jacques works in the atelier since 2003. His Franco-Japanese girlfriend recently created a little outside garden for him.

  • Selecting the leather

    Jacques sources his leather from French and Italian tanneries that specialise in vegetable tanned leather. Before he starts working on an object, he carefully chooses the leather, striving to take the most beautiful part whilst at the same time creating as little unused leftovers as possible.

  • Cutting the leather

    He places the pattern on the leather and uses a hand cutter to get a straight, crisp line. This stage requires concentration and precision.

  • p-slide1.jpg

    Rounding the edges

    The edges of the lamp are carved with a leather beveller, which allows rounding the edges and to give a three-dimensional appearance to a two-dimensional surface.

  • p-slide1.jpg

    Sealing the edges

    To give the edges a firm high gloss, Jacques applies Gum Arabic, which is a dried exudation obtained from the stems and branches of natural strains of Acacia trees. After it dried, he polishes the edges with a cotton chiffon, which then gives it its glossy finish.

  • Embossing the Leather

    To mark the collaboration, Jacques embosses the logo into the leather. For this, he uses a specialised machine, which compresses the leather and marks the Savadi Maison logo.

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    Assembling the lamp

    As a last step, Jacques adds the electric parts of the lamp and the LED bulb, which prevents the leather from burning.

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