Based in the town of Tsubame, Japan, a renowned centre for outstanding metal work, the l'hirondelle team is specialised in casting and forging steel. It took them two years to develop the cooking pots, which are the world's first to be made of enamelled cast stainless steel. It involved over two thousand tests until they found the right formula and invented a new type of material called Naroi. Each pot takes more than a month to create. Thanks to l'hirondelle's ground-breaking technology rooted in traditional artisan techniques, Japan's national Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected the cooking pots as one of The Wonder 500™, a list that presents Japan's most outstanding products.


Striving for excellence and perfection is the mantra by which the l'hirondelle team works. Add to that a large pinch of creativity and you get to understand why they are revolutionizing the cooking pot industry today. They originally produce precision components for aeronautics or medicine that require a high degree of accurateness and robustness. But five years ago they decided to translate their knowledge, experience and technical capabilities to create the world’s first enamelled cast stainless steel cooking pot. The goal was to create a product that would allow cooking quick, easy, and delicious food and contribute to a better work-life balance, reflecting what l'hirondelle stands for: the bluebird of happiness.

Products by L'hirondelle (Japan)

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