Diana Ferreira Ceramics

South Africa

Diana Ferreira is a Cape Town based ceramicist renown for her signature black clay ceramics. She has perfected the slip casting method, which lends itself particularly for creating complex ceramic shapes that cannot be made on a wheel. She started her career as a ceramicist around 10 years ago when she decided to turn her life around and quit her 20-year nursing career. She learned the slip casting method from her former boyfriend, who is one of the top persons in the field, and started experimenting with making glass and ceramics. Fond of the whole design process of a product, Diana has over the years made increasingly complex moulds that result in her refined and unique ceramic pieces.


Letting her creative self take over has allowed Diana to build her knowledge and skills in the field of ceramics and to create unique designs that are of a timeless character. She is a recognised dinnerware designer today and collaborates with acclaimed restaurants and chefs around the world. For her creations, she usually sticks to black clay and often leaves the outside of her pieces unglazed, creating a beautiful contrast between the matte exterior and glossy white interior. During the more repetitive tasks of her work, she is thinking about new products to make and new glazes to use. She takes pride in creating an object from start to finish, from designing its shape to glazing the final product.

Products by Diana Ferreira Ceramics (South Africa)

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